How Bulk Beef Works


Reserve Your Beef

Secure your beef reservation by submitting a non-refundable deposit. Once your deposit is received, we will reach out via email to personally confirm it and provide you with the scheduled processing date for your beef. From the moment of reservation until the beef arrives at your doorstep, we will ensure you're kept informed and engaged, providing regular updates throughout the entire process.

Enjoy Your Beef

Your Beef will be Delivered safely to Your Door In An Insulated Box With Dry Ice.

Pay & Schedule Delivery

We maintain our commitment to raising your beef using top-tier practices, ensuring the utmost healthiness and flavor. When the time comes for your scheduled harvest, we will personally select your beef and entrust it to a fantastic, family-owned USDA processor. When Your Beef Is Ready, You'll Pay Your Remaining Balance And Schedule A Shipping Date

Contact us if you have any questions